Last Updated: 24 June 2021

BassSharp cross-platform C# wrapper for Un4seen Bass.dll audio library

Install-Package BassSharp

BassSharp cross-platform .Net Wrapper

BassSharp is a free, open-source, cross-Platform .Net Wrapper for the Un4seen Bass library and its various add-ons. It provides an efficient and reliable way to play and process audio and music files/streams in a wide range of formats, including the ability to mix audio in realtime. Other features include ASIO support, sound effects, wave visualization and Shoutcast streaming.

Why Fork?

Originally forked from Mathew Sachin's ManagedBass repo, BassSharp is an actively-developed library with a number of improvements over the original. The packages available on Nuget were old and out of date, and contained some dependency quirks. This repo uses Azure DevOps to automatically build, test and publish new versions of BassSharp automatically.

Supports platform-specific builds for .Net Standard 2.1, .Net Framework 4.8 and Xamarin iOS 1.0. When installing our Nuget package, you should automatically get the most appropriate one.

Un4seen Bass Library

To use our packages, you will need to download bass.dll and any add-on libraries from Un4Seen. They are platform specific (Windows / Linux / iOS, x86, x64), so make sure you download the correct one. We intend to streamline this process in the future to remove as many manual steps as possible. Place the unzipped files in the build output directory of your own program (e.g. /bin/debug).

How To Use

Full documentation will appear soon. In the meantime, you can refer to the ManagedBass Sample Library.

    // Examples will appear here soon!