Last Updated: 14 April 2020

C# SQL Server Bulk Insert Objects To SQL Table


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Install-Package ParkSquare.SqlBulkInsert


Extensions for performing Bulk Inserts into Sql Server database tables.


This library will bulk insert the passed collection of POCOs into a SQL Server table, by converting it into an intermediate DataTable. The SQL table must exist, and it is assumed that the column names match the POCO's properties.

    public class DemoRepository : IBulkInsertable<DemoObject>
        private readonly IBulkInserter _bulkInserter;
        private readonly string _tableName;

        public DemoRepository(IBulkInserter bulkInserter, string tableName)
            _bulkInserter = bulkInserter;
            _tableName = tableName;

        public Task BulkInsert(IReadOnlyList<DemoObject> items)
            var table = items.ToDataTable();
            if (table != null && table.Rows.Count > 0)
                return _bulkInserter.InsertAsync(table, _tableName);

            return Task.FromResult(0); // Obviously you'd want to await the InsertAsync call above

	public class DemoObject
        public int Id { get; set; }

        public string Anything { get; set; }