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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

If you do not need an entire physical server dedicated to your web site, application or workload, then a Virtual Private Server is the first choice. You get your own virtual server with Windows or Linux pre-installed, and full administrator or root access via Remote Desktop or SSH. You are free to install any software you wish, and can run anything you want (subject to fair use) and can optionally purchase static IP addresses.

Our VPS servers run on our high performance HP Proliant-powered Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure, and the allocated vCPU, RAM and disk resources can be scaled as your needs grow.

vCPU RAM Disk O/S IP Address(es) Access Price / month
4 2 GB 40 GB Debian 10 Buster 1 x Dedicated root / SSH £7
4 4 GB 80 GB Debian 10 Buster 1 x Dedicated root / SSH £10
8 4 GB 80 GB Windows Server 2019 Standard / Core 1 x Dedicated Administrator / Remote Desktop £12
16 4 GB 120 GB Windows 10 1 x Dedicated Administrator / Remote Desktop £15

These base packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, with no minimum contract length. Billed monthly, cancel at any time with 7 days notice. The maximum available resources per server are listed below.

Max vCPU Max RAM Max Disk Max IP Address
24 128 GB 1 TB 16

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