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Under our Northserver brand, we offer highly secure hosting and server colocation services in three Leeds, UK based data centre facilities. Unlike cheap resellers with countless middlemen and poor first line support, we only operate our own server hardware and do not outsource support to anybody else. We use only the best quality HP Proliant servers and equipment produced by industry standard manufacturers.

1U, 2U & 11U (Quarter Rack) Server Colocation in Leeds

We can co-locate your servers in any rack size including 1U and 2U for high density server configurations, all the way up to 11U quarter racks, 22U half racks or 44U full racks. Hosting your servers with us provides full remote administration and ad-hoc 'intelligent hands' where physical hardware support is required. We also offer great deals on hardware leasing if you prefer to keep your capital costs to a minimum.

Colocation Price List

Form Factor Price / month
1U £80
2U £140
4U £200
8U £350
11U (Quarter Rack) £450
22U (Half Rack) £850
44U (Full Rack) £1,600


Protect your data in a secure ISO 27001-accredited environment, with enterprise-grade intrusion detection and millions of hardware and network metrics monitored daily. Racks are protected with VESDA fire protection, and all facilities are manned by security guards 24/7/365. All internal and external areas are covered by CCTV, and physical server access requires photo ID, RFID entry or biometric access.


Our facilities are carrier-neutral, giving access to multiple Tier 1 providers and the reliability of multiple fibre connections inbound and outbound. Automatic traffic routing reduces the risk of a single point of failure. A dual-vendor and dual-route node strategy delivers superior speed, bandwidth and uptime across the UK. This allows our customers to benefit from fast, low latency access throughout the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East.


All data centres have uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and generator backup to cope with local power outages. We aim for a near-zero downtime service. Live uptime statistics for external services are available here

HP Proliant Server Hardware Leasing

We can provide low-cost, high performance hardware leasing for colocation in our data centres or at your own locations. Choose from our range of brand new HP Proliant Gen10 servers, or if budget is a concern we also have a stock of refurbished HP Proliant Gen9 units that have previously been used by customers. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation tailored quote, or see the examples below based on a 12 month lease.

Hardware Rack Format Price / month
HP Proliant DL360 Gen9 Refurbished 1U £50
HP Proliant DL160 Gen10 1U £150
HP Proliant DL360 Gen10 1U £210
HP Proliant DL180 Gen10 2U £190
HP Proliant DL380 Gen10 2U £230
HP Proliant DL560 Gen10 4U £900

Prices may vary depending on CPU, memory, storage configuration and lease duration.

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