Last Updated: 22 March 2021

UK Realtime Train Data

Install-Package ParkSquare.RealtimeTrains

This is a C# API for retrieving timetable, service and realtime train information from Network Rail, National Rail other data sources via the Realtime Trains API.

How To Use

The source data feed is free for personal, academic and educational use. To connect to the Realtime Trains API, you will need access credentials - see here for further information.

First, add the following keys to your web.config or app.config, using the credentials supplied by RTT.

    <add key="Api.Username" value="YOUR-API-USERNAME" />
    <add key="Api.Password" value="YOUR-API-PASSWORD" />
    <add key="Api.Url" value="" />

Now instantiate a new client object:

    var rttClient = new RealtimeTrainsClient();

You can now search for arrivals, departures, or get detailed information on a specific service. For example, to get all arrivals and departures in the near future between Leeds and London Kings Cross, in both directions:

    var rttClient = new RealtimeTrainsClient();
    var arrivals = rttClient.GetDepartures("KGX", "LDS");
    var departures = rttClient.GetDepartures("LDS", "KGX");

For more information, see the Realtime Trains Location Listing documentation.

Once you have results, you can get further detailed information using the service unique Id, and a call to the GetService() method:

    var service = rttClient.GetService(serviceUid, new DateFilter(date.Year, date.Month, date.Day));

Note that 'service Unique IDs' are only unique to a particular day, so you must also pass in the date to this call. For more information, see the Realtime Trains Service Information documentation.

Example Usage is a web app that uses this Nuget package to allow searching for UK train services, and will reveal the platform numbers before they are announced on the station information boards.